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" Listen," Professor Ball told the officer, " she might shoot
somehody. And you'd be responsible. She might do it.
She's the youngest, the headstrong and spoiled, spoiled when
she was a child, being the youngest-----"

"Hell!" the deputy exclaimed; "she ain't got no gun.
She's bluff en. They're all bluffen." But he sidled away from
the door a little.

Bluffing, Mr. Munn thought. She had the gun, all right.
But Doctor MacDonald wasn't in there with her, he was sure
of that. Bluffing, yes, she was bluffing. She was trying to
bluff them into believing he was in there. She wasn't
thinking beyond that, she was just doing that. What she

With his fist, the officer struck the heavy panel of the

" No gentleman," Professor Ball complained querulously—
"no gentleman would go and make a young girl like her
shoot somebody."

" Listen," the officer said, addressing the door, " we don't
think you've got a gun. You're bluffing. We're coming in."

There was no answer. Then with a small, grating sound,
the door swung inward about eight inches. Mr. Munn peered
at the aperture.

" I have, you can see it—but don't come close." Her voice
was broken, as though she was crying, or trying to keep from

It was there. Mr. Munn could see in the shadow, not pro-
truding from the room, the muzzle of the shotgun like a small
figure eight laid on its side. It was wavering there in the

" Now, Miss," the officer was saying, " just gimme that gun.
Just pass it out to me, we aren't gonna bother you." He did
not reach out for the gun, his arms hanging loosely at his
sides. "Come on, Miss, you don't want to make trouble;
come on-----"

The soldier standing close to the wall, out of range of
vision from the interior, leaned slowly toward the door-jamb.